Please behave responsibly and respectfully, no form of harrasment will be tolerated.


The start date of the hackathon is August 22nd, 2PM EST and the end date is August 23rd, 8PM EST. You must start and complete your project within this time frame.


An individual or team of maximum size 4, with each person a high school or middle school student above the age of 13 (including rising college freshman) is able to compete.

Submission Requirements

Any software or hardware product built within the specified time frame will be allowed. You must include a video (maximum 5 minutes) demoing the project, in addition to filling out the devpost project page.

Any plagarized projects or projects that were not completed within the time frame will be disqualified.

We retain full discretion over the selection of winners.

Submission Rights

We may use public project information that you submitted in future advertising.

Prize and Winner Selection

Submissions will be judged based on the specified rubric.

We retain full discretion over the selection of winners.